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K'hal Ateres Zekainim
Seattle, WA
Pacific Daylight Time
Friday, May 14
28 Iyar 5759
Tonight's Omer Count: 44
6:50 PM
7:04 PM
Early Candle Lighting/Plag HaMincha
NOTE: Mincha MUST be said before this time in order for one to daven Maariv early.
8:21 PM
Regular Candle Lighting
Shabbos, May 15
29 Iyar (Erev Rosh Chodesh Sivan) 5759
Tonight's Omer Count: 45
8:45 AM
Shacharis - SBH
Parasha: Bamidbar
9:19 AM Latest time for Shema
9:25 PM Havdalah
BCMH: Congregation Bikur Cholim-Machzikay Hadath 
KAZ: K'hal Ateres Zekainim 
SBH: Sephardic Bikur Holim
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